Sensing Communication & Control

Gyroscope Tech-Automation is a robotic integrator that engineers and builds turnkey robotic cells for a variety of applications and industries. Custom tailored to each application with Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, Fanuc, or Kuka robots.
Robot Software Information
Robot software is used for programming robots to instruct the device to perform certain autonomous tasks. Specifically, it is the coded commands that tell a robot what tasks to perform by controlling its actions and movement. Robot software is used to both perform functions and automate functions to be performed.Programming robots is a complex undertaking.  AI is a type of robot software that aims at robots adaptively programming themselves in some fashion.
 3D Robot Vision  / Positioning Detection

Many assembly and handling tasks require detecting a product's precise position and alignment, and transmitting this information for an automation system, such as a robot, to correctly pick up and position the product. The parts to be grasped might be located on a conveyor belt, arranged in special containers, or jumbled in boxes.

ALSONTECH 3D robot vision positioning system serie is specially designed for randomly stacked workpieces. Through scanning of the 3D data of workpieces, it can achieve precise 3D positioning and guide the robot to grasp intelligently. They work as truly flexible fixtures on the industrial robots automated production line.

ALSONTECH location and positioning detection systems have proven themselves hundreds of times over in industrial applications for all these tasks, with possible position detection of components either on a 2D plane or in a 3D space. Depending on the task definition, stationary cameras, robot hand cameras or 3D laser sensors are used in connection with the image processing system.

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