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Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions for Better Decision-making and Operations

Featured Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions Include:

  Data Collection
  Material/Asset Tracking
  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  Recipe/Batch Systems
  Production Scheduling
  Reporting and Dashboards
  Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  Materials Management
  Traceability and Genealogy
  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration
  Shop Floor Integration
  Workflow Management
  Quality and Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  Customized Solutions for your Applications

Benefits of Manufacturing Intelligence

  Contextualized information allowing businesses and operations people to improve manufacturing
  Improved production through integration with business systems
  Reduced errors through better communication
  Information in real-time allows users to address issues as they occur

SCADA Integration
SCADA system development and integration. Alarming, reports, system monitoring, and control.

PLC Programming

PLC and HMI system programming, migration, control panels, and support.

Machine Automation
Industrial and collaborative robot system integration, cell layout design, and end effector design.

Custom Control Panel Design & Manufacturing
Custom UL 508A & UL 698A control panel design, build, and commissioning.

Motor Control Panels
Pre-designed and built motor control panels in 30 amp – 3 motor and 60 amp – 6 motor configurations.

DAQuery Machine Monitoring Systems
Machine monitoring systems with customizable trends, reports, dashboards, alarms, and metrics.

Integeations Products

Industrial PCs
PLC systems
I/O systems
Vision systems
Safety technology
Motion control
Mechatronic systems
Mobile automation
Networks and fieldbus modules
Process control
Learning and teaching materials


The Gyroscope Technologies automation ecosystem is already open to the majority of today's fieldbus market. B&R In addition to license-free, open-source POWERLINK, it is possible to connect third-party devices via Profinet, Modbus, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus and CANopen. B&R continues to expand this offering by incorporating rising standards like IO-Link and the largest ecosystem for advanced interoperability, OPC UA. GC&T is committed to helping its customers prepare for a rapidly approaching future where industrial networks are fully equipped for the IoT and advanced analytics. As a major driver in the