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A leading supplier of high-tech, leading-edge optical technology components, assemblies and systems.

lasers and other light sources with high reliability, extended lifetime and high light output for the most diverse applications to meet
your project’s requirements.

A leading supplier of electronics components and assemblies, mainly focusing on high-voltage (HV), radio frequency (RF)
and pulse applications,

Our Proven Process

The success of every Gyroscope Tech project is backed by a systematic approach from start to finish. We follow proven procedures and a clearly defined road map with every client to ensure seamless integration and results that are easily maintained and scaled. Each project follows a design process that includes:

  Detailed review and development of functional requirements
  Customer review and approval
  System module development
  Complete build, configuration, and programming
  Internal hardware and software testing
  Factory acceptance testing with clients
  System commissioning and site acceptance testing

This process aligned with our 24/7 ongoing support results in a modular, scalable, and seamlessly integrated system that’s easy for clients to operate and maintain, leading to a low cost of ownership and lasting ROI.

Decades of Innovation

For decades, Gyroscope Tech has helped organizations improve the way they do business through plantwide integration and best-in-class engineering solutions. We've spent years developing and perfecting our process to provide each client with results that serve their needs and are designed to grow alongside their organization.

Shop Floor to Top Floor Capabilities

Gyroscope Tech provides plantwide automation and information solutions that are engineered completely in-house by our multidisciplinary teams. We have staff engineers who are aligned with each layer of the ISA-95 model—the international standard for the integration of enterprise and control systems—including dedicated teams for:

  Hardware specification
  Controls and SCADA programming
  Network and server infrastructure
  Software and business system integration

Each of these teams can be leveraged independently depending on the scope of your project - be it a stand-alone skidded system, a formalized manufacturing execution system (MES) installation, or a custom built-for-purpose MES application

The Gyroscope Tech Difference

Gyroscope Tech is set apart by our core engineering method, our proven design process, our in-house collaboration process, and our plantwide, start-to-finish support. Our industry-leading simulation is closely aligned with customer needs to help achieve the right outcome during integration and beyond. We are problem solvers above all else, capable of migrating new and existing components in a way that has a minimal impact on current day-to-day operations. We ensure all aspects of the project work together—and that they work for your facility.

Collaborate, Define, and Design

The design process Gyroscope Tech follows incorporates multiple disciplines and reviews with the customer to ensure the system is built to the appropriate specifications and documented correctly from the beginning. The model below shows the methodology that Gyroscope Tech uses to ensure proper up-front collaboration, including detailed definition during the design phase and reviews during build-out.