Sensing Communication & Control

Welcome to Gyroscope Tech

Sine 2014,which is a famous agency for laser and phtoelectronics products. We act as agent for many western outstanding brand which include Newport, SPI,IPG,Lasag,Synrad, etc.

  • Industrial Lasers
  • Electro Optical Components
  • Laser repair Services & Laser Preventative Maintenance

 Since 2012, we have supplied of industrial customers by providing high-performance, innovative and turnkey machinery diagnostics, condition monitoring solutions for different applications:

    • Test and Measurement
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Structure Health Monitoring
    • Services A company and its products are only as good as the service behind them With our qualified personnel we ensure that you get fast-reacting and high-quality service. To enable us to process your request in an uncomplicated way, simply call our service number . We will thank you by responding without delay.


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