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Laser Repair Service and Laser Preventative Maintenance 

GTC is a leading global provider of superior quality, cost-effective laser products and services. Our experience and extensive network make GTC your single, trusted source for mission-critical laser components, supplies and personalized service for your medical laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) along with industrial or scientific laser systems.

Why Choose Us?  Our highly trained engineers have developed precise, effective and timely service packages to guarantee minimal down-time for your systems.  We are available to perform emergency service calls and can offer you even more protection with our service packages.  We offer the largest network of service engineers across South East Asia.

Consumables & Critical Components offered:

  • Laser & IPL Lamps
  • Flow Tubes
  • Rods (Yag, Alexandrite, YLF)
  • Cavity Replacements
  • Power Supplies
  • System Optics (Lenses, Mirrors, & Cover Slides
  • Internal and External Optics
  • Arm Optics
  • Windows
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • H2O and Particle Filters
  • Safety Eyewear and Signs

Services Offered:

Galvanometer motor adjustment, mirror cleaning, replacement and calibration, F-Theta lens inspection and cleaning, and optical scan head inspection and field calibration.  We support all major makes of industrial and scientific OEM laser systems.

  Important:  No contract is necessary for standard service calls.  Both our standard service and our service packages are based on a standard rate for labor and travel for service.  Please contact us to learn about the benefits of our full service and/or preventative maintenance packages.

Our experienced field engineers provide full system support including components, repairs and technical assistance.  We have a 100% success rate resolving laser issues and our software and hardware upgrades will enhance your system with improved reliability.  Our emergency service technicians will also be sure to inspect cooling, water quality, temperature and flow to reduce further costs of operation and maintenance.  s l1600 3

What about Retrofits and Rebuilds?   GTC has comprehensive support and service for various laser systems and stocks a large array of replacement components, such as laser flash lamps, laser head components, gold cavities, di-filters, flow tubes, particle filters, mirrors, q-switches, lamp power supplies,              RF-drivers, and more.

Service Packages (on-site and in-house).  The service package can contain regular full system evaluations and preventive maintenance with tasks designed to best meet your laser needs and will be priced according to what your laser needs require—instead of a set price that includes services you do not need.  This includes, but is not limited to, optical inspection, optical cleaning and alignment, factory specified power output verification, laser beam stability calibration, laser operating mode review and calibration,